Modern & Industrial Color Scheme



I had a difficult time finding photos of interiors with this color scheme, but I think it’s a great combo for making an industrial loft type space feel more homey, or a more typical space more modern.  The first space shows teal cabinets with grey walls and black counters. Though, I think the wood furniture in the second photo (or wood counter tops) look great and add a natural element to keep it from looking too cold.  The marigold, yellow, or even orange accents help with that too.

Photo Sources:
Second photo from 9 by design on Bravo

I used to think grey walls were too dark, but I’m coming around.  We’ve had teal walls in our living room since we bought the house, but recently painted over all but one leaving just a teal accent wall.

We really wanted to lighten up the space because we get very little sunlight coming in due to trees, neighboring houses and the front porch awning.  It’s great in the summer because the house stays cool in moderate heat, but it makes the whole house so dark.  Anyhow, we couldn’t bear to completely remove the teal. Hence, accent wall.

Send me photos of YOUR teal or grey walls!


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